Spiritual biblical Metaphysical teacher Dr Roy e Richmond in a casual yellow shirt
Spiritual biblical Metaphysical teacher Dr Roy e Richmond in a casual yellow shirt

Dr. Richmond's Journey into the Sacred Scripture

In 1988, a profound shift began in my life's journey. Something extraordinary happened during a drive on a hunting trip with a close friend, Melvin Judkins. As we conversed, he shared his knowledge of Scripture and what he had learned through his studies of the Bible. Despite growing up in the Church and being involved in the music ministry, I found myself unable to respond adequately due to my limited understanding. At that moment, I silently prayed for guidance, seeking an awakening that would allow me to engage in meaningful discussions about scripture.

Within a few months, an intense desire to study the Scripture consumed me. I delved into the Bible and sought wisdom from various commentaries. Eventually, I discovered an incredible Pastor named John Courson, based in Jacksonville, OR. From 1988 to 1996, I transcribed and taught all of his audio teaching tapes, gaining a surface-level understanding of the Bible, which resulted in over 50 transcripts of various Bible books. It became clear that these teachings mirrored the outer court of the Tabernacle of Moses—a physical portrayal of those who merely scratched the surface in their grasp of scripture.

However, little did I know that the latter part 1988 held even greater revelations for me. Unexpectedly, I found myself teaching the young adult Sunday School class. During this period, I immersed myself in what I had learned from John Courson. I absorbed knowledge from every chapter, hungrily seeking a deeper connection with scripture. Then 1996, a profound turning point occurred, propelling me to new heights of comprehension and spiritual awareness.

Enter Pastor Gary Garner. His periodic visits to my fellowship brought invaluable teaching and mentorship into my life. From 1996 to 2004, I joyfully studied the "Redemptive View of the Bible" under his guidance. This comprehensive outlook encompassed the "Penal Substitutionary Doctrine." Our focus centered on the Apostle Paul's revelation of Jesus' purpose, examining the intricate details of Jesus' life, even leading up to his crucifixion at the hands of the Pharisees, Sadducees, and Romans. I faithfully transcribed Pastor Garner's tapes just as I had done with John Courson's teachings. I added my understanding and translations in writing over forty books from those studies, with the permission of Gary Garner.

Then, in 2004, something remarkable happened. Father spoke to me, saying, "You can stop doing that." Initially taken aback, I soon understood the message: "I will dictate to your thoughts." From that moment forward, my journey took an awe-inspiring turn. Since 2004, the prayer I had held dear for so long was finally answered. I began to perceive the scriptures beyond their surface level, delving into their profound spiritual meanings.

Additionally, I took it upon myself to vigorously translate the Scriptures from their original Hebrew and Greek texts. In doing so, I uncovered numerous erroneous translations, rearranged verses, additions, and false perceptions about Father and humanity. During this time, I met Dr. Kay Fairchild, who also studied Gary’s teachings, and we eventually began to write books together and published five books.

Since 2004, I have had the privilege of publishing over 30 books. These writings present a spiritual and metaphysical understanding of the Scripture, encompassing the sanctity of the Holy Place. By using this term, I refer to a period of intense learning wherein the spiritual understanding of the true Logos—the divine creative force—illuminates the law of the Spirit, leading to abundant life. This understanding reveals itself beneath the surface of the Sacred Scripture, seen through the lens of the Father's eternal love for all people. Recognizing the Scripture exists to raise awareness, unveiling the choice between a carnal perception or a spiritual awakening is crucial.

And so, here I stand in 2023, teaching and illuminating profound spiritual truths derived from the Sacred Scripture. These truths surpass the realm of mere intellectual understanding. Everything I share and teach emanates from what Father imparts to my thoughts and what I witness in scripture with my single eye, what Father did at the very foundation of the world. Father created all people upright and holy; regardless of their actions or circumstances, they retain their inherent sanctity. Jesus eloquently stated, "All are holy, but few choose to live in holy." Sadly, many have been misled by the Great Lie of separation from Father perpetuated by systems of religiosity.

This is not the end of my journey; I have much more to study, translate, teach, explain, and share. I'm like the prophet of old Jeremiah; I cannot quit because the Logos - the creative spiritual activity that reveals the law of the Spirit of abundant life is like fire shut up in my bones.

How I study the Sacred Scripture

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